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Goals & Objectives

Goals and Objectives 2019 Biennium

Division Mission:  To serve and assist all agencies and citizens of the State of Montana in the design and construction of quality facilities, repairs and alterations of existing facilities, and planning for their needs.

Goal:   Provide service based on standards, best practices, and fiscal sustainability.


  • Draft and oversee contracts, in accordance with statutes and regulations, for design and construction of capital projects.
  • Review appropriations annually to ensure authority is reverted to the appropriate fund balance in a timely manner.
  • Review warranty list on a quarterly basis to ensure timely project completion reports.
  • Present to the legislature a single, comprehensive, and prioritized plan for capital construction.

Goal:   Emphasize efficiency, reliability, transparency, and leadership.


  • Complete construction projects within the time allotted in the contract and within the authorized budget.
  • Advise the legislative and executive branches on the status of the Long-Range Building Program projects.
  • Deliver buildings that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, affordable to maintain, and comply with current codes.
  • Advise on the funding levels necessary to maintain reasonable condition of state-owned facilities.

Goal:   Build and maintain relationships to support effective government.


  • Use a team-based approach to agencies, architects/engineers, and contractors to maximize communication and efficiency in the implementation of projects.


Goal:   Create and maintain a highly qualified, professional, diverse, and responsive workforce.


  • Provide and promote professional growth and development opportunities through employee mentoring, meaningful training, and continuing professional education.
  • Develop and offer career ladders and provide competitive salaries to recruit and retain experienced, capable staff.
  • Foster a work environment where new ideas are encouraged, and creativity and teamwork are expected.

Goal:   Successfully implement those objectives and tasks in the Governor's Main Street Montana Project that fall within the authority of the division.


  • Work with other agencies to achieve department and division projects set forth in the Main Street Montana Project.

Facility Inventory and Condition Assessment Report

In accordance with § 17-7-202(2)( e ), MCA, the Facility Inventory & Condition Assessment Report is the product of a collaborative effort among the Architecture & Engineering Division, multiple state agencies, and the university system. 

Long Range Building Program

LRBP 2020-2021 Biennium Instructions & Procedures


LRBP IBARS training video

The Long Range Building Program is the primary mechanism for agencies to fund new buildings, renovations and facility improvements. The Montana Code Annotated (MCA) Section 17-7-201 through 17-7-213 mandates a format for the Long-Range Building Program and Budget (LRBP).

In accordance with MCA 18-2-102, for all building projects over $150,000, it is the responsibility of each agency to submit a proposed long-range building program request. The biennial requirement for submission of this request is only a portion of ongoing program and agency planning. The Architecture and Engineering Division (A&E) provides assistance and consultation to agencies in the development and completion of programming plans and objectives. The instructions contained in this document establish a common context for presenting agency programming and planning information in a standardized format. Agencies are encouraged to reference these instructions in development and implementation of building and facility needs, program planning requests and identify any impacts the request may have on future agency planning.

All agency project requests with values over $150,000 are required to be submitted by July 1 of each even-numbered year to the Department of Administration (DOA) for review and prioritization. The A&E Division of the DOA, in cooperation with the Office of Budget and Program Planning (OBPP), reviews each request for feasibility, agency’s needs, increased operating costs and statewide priority. To assist agencies and thoroughly investigate larger, more complex building project requests, agencies are asked to submit a brief description of their LRBP building requests with budget estimates anticipated to exceed $500,000, to A&E by mid-February. Although not required by statute, compliance with this request provides A&E with additional time to conduct thorough investigations and validate the feasibility of agency project requests prior to the July 1 deadline.

After the July 1 deadline, prioritized agency requests are reviewed and evaluated by OBPP and DOA and compiled into a list of prioritized project, statewide. Requests are then assembled into the long-range building program format and submitted to the Governor for review prior to December 1. Finally, during the first week of each session beginning in January of every odd-numbered year, recommendations for a Capital Construction Program are prepared and included as an integral part of the Governor’s executive budget for presentation to the legislature.

Governor's Executive Budget FY 2018-2019 LRBP



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