Architecture & Engineering

Building Montana


Selection Procedure
Project with a design fee < $50,000 MCA 18-8-212
Direct selection of firm from Consultant Registry
Projects with a design fee > $50,000 and a project cost ≤ $2,500,000 MCA 18-2-112
Agency selects 3 firms from the Consultant Registry
DOA Director consults with A&E to select firm from list of 3
Projects with a cost > $2,500,000* MCA 18-2-112
RFQ posted on eMACS
A&E and the agency's selection committee select the most qualified firms for an interview
After the interviews, the agency selects 3 firms to A&E
DOA Director consults with A&E to select firm from list of 3

* This amount is slightly flexible. Straightforward projects marginally above this amount may receive consideration to revert to the process described in paragraph 4 while more complex smaller projects may follow the interview process.

Minimum Criteria for Firm Selection
  • Qualifications of professional personnel
  • Location of firm
  • Capability to meet time and budget
  • Present and projected workload
  • Related experience on similar projects
  • Recent and current work for the agency 

MCA 18-8-204

Additional Information
Energy performance, design-build, and MCA 20-25-309 contracts are exempt from this selection process. This process does not include investigation or construction-related services that do not constitute the practice of architecture, engineering, or land surveying.

After a firm has been selected or appointed, the agency and A&E project manager will review the initial project information and anticipated scope of services with the selected consultant, request a fee for agreed services, and negotiate a contract. If an agreement cannot be reached, negotiations will be terminated, and the Director may appoint one of the remaining two recommended firms.

For Delegated projects, delegation will be granted after a firm is appointed. The agency will then negotiate a contract with the selected firm.